Head of School

Stephanie Massey  B.S. - Furman University, M.Ed. with an emphasis in Education Leadership, University of North Florida

Administrative Staff

Administrative Assistants

Dana Whitelaw and Amy Henning  

Business Administrator

Michelle Rencarge  B.S. - Business Management, M.M. - Management, University of Phoenix

Director of Admissions

Martha (Moppy) McGee  B.A. - Communications, Wake Forest University

Director of Development 

Melissa Van Horn  M.A. - Teaching, Elementary Education, Queens University; M.S. - Higher Education, Florida State University; B.A. -  Communication Studies, Stetson University

Director of Maintenance

Bob Phipps


PK3 Program 

Amanda Jones  B.A. - History, University of North Florida; Florida Educator's Certificate (PreK through Grade 3, Social Studies Grades 5 through 9)

PK4 Program 

Cari Rahn  B.S. - Elementary Education, University of North Florida  


Jennifer Hite  B.S. - Child Development and Education, Florida State University

First Grade  

Laura Lebedev  B.S. - Early Childhood Education, M.S. - Reading Education and Language Arts, Florida State University

Second Grade  

Christine Reed  B.S. -  Early Childhood Education, Kennesaw State University

Third Grade  

Alice Dunn  BSFCS - Early Childhood Education and Child and Family Development, University of Georgia

Fourth Grade  

Kim Hines  M.A. - Elementary Education, B.A. - Elementary Education, University of North Florida

Fifth Grade  

Cathy Porfidio  B.S. - Education, University of Tennessee

Sixth Grade 

Kelly Harrison  B.S. - University of Maryland (Naples, Italy); Florida Educator's Certificate - University of North Florida

Seventh Grade

Susan Lindholm  B.S. - Business Administration, University of North Florida

Eighth Grade  

Jeanna Arfsten  B.A. - Secondary Education, Eastern Illinois University

Resource Faculty and Support Staff

Art Instructor

Lisha Dinkins  B.A.E. - Art Education, University of Florida 

Athletic Director and Algebra 1 Instructor

Meredith Hoffmann  B.S. - Real Estate, Florida State University; Florida Educator's Certificate (Mathematics Grades 5 through 9)

Christian Formation, Preschool through 8th Grade

Dana Peterson  B.S. - Foods and Nutrition, San Diego State University; M.Ed. - Teaching and Learning, Liberty University

Director of Enhanced Learning Program

Kelly Porter  B.S. and M.S. - Exceptional Student Education, Florida State University

Director of Extended Day and PK Art

Amy Logan  Bachelor of Education - Physical Education, University of South Australia; Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Middle School Education - Physical Education, Flinders University

Director of Technology

Alise Reynolds  B.S. - Computer Science, Florida State University; Florida Educator's Certificate

Elementary and Middle School Music / Band Instructor

Darren Ronan  B.A. - Music Performance, University of North Florida

Extended Day Team

Amy Logan, Lucy Vincent, Amanda Jones, Leslie Santana

First Grade Teaching Assistant

Sindy Wilson 

Media Specialist

Mary Beth Marzec  B.S - Special Education and Elementary Education, Kutztown State College

Physical Education and Social Studies Instructor

Brenda Harbin  B.A. - Political Science, University of North Florida

Preschool Teaching Assistants

Lucy Vincent and Sloan Lewis


Preschool and Kindergarten Music - AAS Music Performance

Cherie Chandler

Spanish Instructor, Preschool through 8th Grade

Amy Cid  B.A. - Spanish, Colby College