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Volunteers Needed!

Do you still want to volunteer to help with one of the many events taking place this year?  You still can click on form below and turn in today!

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Rewards Program Information:

Any and all contributions greatly help the school.

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School Supply Guarantee: 

For anyone that has purchased school supplies through our sale with EPI, all supplies are 100% guaranteed for the entire school year. If you need replacement items from the school supply company, please contact Kristina French who ask a representative to have the replacement items sent to the school within approximately 7 days.

EPI Certificate

School Uniform Sale: 

If you would like to purchase at any other time, please contact one of the GPA board members or chairs Fran Lang or Jacque Dewey to set up a convenient time to shop.

Grace Parent Association Officers:

Kristina French

Sloane Hall

Fran Lang